Bureau Veritas Provides a Total Solution for Charging Stations and In-Cable Control and Protection Device

Electric Vehicle is Now All the Rage! Bureau Veritas Provides a Total Solution for Charging Stations and In-Cable Control and Protection Device

According to the forecast of J.P. Morgan – “Driving into 2025: The Future of Electric Vehicles” ( EVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEVs) will account for an estimated 30% of all vehicle sales by 2025. Since EVs and IoT are now all the rage, as the suppliers of charging stations and IC-CPD, are you searching now a trusted one-stop testing and certification partner that assists you in safety, EMC, RF, performance, conformance testing, and even offers International Approvals service to accelerate your speed to enter each market in the world?

Moreover, Over 100 accreditations and authorizations prove that Bureau Veritas operates professionally, especial for the international CB Scheme, CE mark for European Market, China’s CQC license, NRTL license for North America Access, KC mark for Korea, India’s ARAI certification, Singapore’s TR25 compliance, Australia and New Zealand’s RCM license, CoC for Russia, Middle East’s GCC mark, to support clients providing the necessary solutions to meet certification requirements and to gain the competitiveness in the target market.

Drive with Confidence

Bureau Veritas Group in Asia provides a comprehensive “one-stop” testing and certification solution. We can provide a comprehensive solution for CB/CE/GB+International Approval+EMC/RF+Conformance testing / carrier approval for EV Charging station field.

In order to meet the rapidly growth of safety requirements applicable to the power charging technology and help promote deployment of safer electric vehicles. Bureau Veritas is the core member of ASEFA providing a “one-stop” testing and certification solution of E.V.Ready Mark to all players covering vehicle manufacturer, Charging station manufacturer, installer, operator, utilities, network, etc.

E.V READY Mark is a Certification Mark that provides an answer to the questions of Interoperability, Security and Performance for EV Charging Station by taking into account both the product and its installation, which is highly recognized in French and other European market with fast and effective market access.

About Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a world leader in conformity assessment and certification services. Founded in 1828, the group has 75,000 employees in more than 1400 offices and laboratories located in 140 countries. Bureau Veritas helps its clients to improve their performances by offering innovative services and solutions in order to ensure that their products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environment protection and social responsibility.

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Bureau Veritas Customer Products Services Electrical & Electronic / Automotive / Wireless Division (BV CPS E.A.W.)
Uniquely in the TIC industry, Bureau Veritas is the only partner who has integrated the full suite of capabilities for the electronics, automotive and wireless segments.

We support client’s to access multiple markets worldwide thanks to our comprehensive service portfolio, our client and industry association recognition as well as our global network. We cover more wireless technologies than anyone else in the TIC business, with authorizations covering RF, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), NFC, Bluetooth, GCF/PTCRB, WiFi, Thread, DSRC, CBRS, LoRa, Sigfox, WPC, as well as 2G/3G/4G. And of course, we are now starting to develop our 5G competence and capabilities in support of this exciting evolution.

Supported by over 2000 skilled staffs within our E.A.W. network, our footprint spans the globe. Dedicated commercial and technical teams are organized by market segment to help serve your needs delivered locally.

Our “total solution” approach with a variety of capabilities helps clients shorten the time to market for their products including IoT / IT Equipment, Automotive, Wearable Devices, Audio / Video, mobile device, communications, wireless products, household products, battery, power supply, lighting as well as industrial, scientific and medic devices, and photovoltaic inverter.