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Critical Components List

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Note: To verify Certifications, UL File#s, Thermoplactic Flame Ratings, Click Here

Guide Lines:

1. Critical Components are but not limited to

  1. Enclosure Material
  2. Label Material
  3. Power Supplies
  4. Components in AC Mains Circuits
  5. Components in DC Mains Circuits
  6. Power Cords
  7. Internal, External, & Ground Wiring
  8. Surge Supressors
  9. Fuses
  10. Laser Sources
  11. Heaters
  12. AC, DC Motors
  13. Fans
  14. Interlocks
  15. Batteries
  16. Printed Circuit Boards
  17. Input/Output Connectors
  18. Mounting Hardware
  19. Consumable Materials (Liquids, Gases, Solids)
  20. Pressure Parts & their PSI Ratings
  21. Any Other Thermoplastic Materials
2. Printed Circuit Board may require to be Flame Rated V-1 or Better 3. Fire Enclosures made of thermoplastic Material may require a Flame Rating V-1 or better 4. Components filling in an opening in a Fire Enclosure may require a Flame Rating of V-1 or better 5. Internal Components/Wires may require a Flame Rating of V-2 or better 6. Batteries in equipment may require a protection circuit (Internal or external to battery)