PTCRB Certification

Bureau Veritas has been a long-time contributor and participant of PTCRB. Bureau Veritas has been given the Award for Excellence three different times and operates the most PTCRB accredited laboratories in the world. They have primary PTCRB labs in USA, Germany, China, Korea, Taiwan. Bureau Veritas has held leadership roles within different communities of the PTCRB. The certification database runs using Interlab EVO, a product developed by Bureau Veritas.

Bureau Veritas’s six simple steps to PTCRB certification:

  1. Send us your product details and a request for PTCRB certification Quote
  2. Submit a certification request to via the Certification database.
  3. Select Bureau Veritas CPS (Irvine) as your primary lab
  4. Send us sample devices for testing and we will submit the necessary documentation on completion of testing.
  5. Submit the necessary paperwork with the help of your Bureau Veritas technical consultant
  6. Wait for PTCRB to send a Certification Notice

For detailed information visit the PTCRB Certification guide

Why Bureau Veritas

  • Experienced Test Consultants to ensure proper test project administration and certification
  • Support LTE, Cat-M1, NB-IoT and 5G in the Bureau Veritas network
  • Operate the largest network of PTCRB accredited test laboratories
  • A one stop shop to market access for wireless products
  • Close ties with leading network operators and module manufacturers for quick identification and resolution of testing problems.
  • We also support PTCRB with its Test Case Database, which is based on the Test Requirements Management components of Interlab EVO, developed and maintained by Bureau Veritas.

FAQ and Tips about PTCRB Certification

What is PTCRB?

The PTCRB run by manufacturers, network operators, test laboratories and test equipment vendors to ensure a standard of connectivity and performance for cellular devices. PTCRB certification is the leading quality certification for North American Network Operators.

IS PTCRB Mandatory

PTCRB isn’t mandatory for cellular based devices, however many network operators in North America require PTCRB certification for devices using their cellular network.

What is a pre-certified module and why would I want to use one?

A pre-certified module is a module that has undergone PTCRB certification  and is meant to be integrated in to an IoT device. This means the module manufacturer has gone through the bulk of the certification testing and helps ensure a level of quality. Using a pre-certified module  means minimal required testing for the integrated product to become certified. This way also simplifies the process of adding cellular connectivity to a device for manufacturers.

What do I have to test?

It depends on the device and the intended network operators, while certain testing may be optional for PTCRB certification the network operator may have certain requirements based upon the capability of the device and integrated Module. Certain carriers require testing on their bands if the product is capable. Please check with Bureau Veritas or your intended Network Operator(s). While you may not know which carriers you intend to use at certification we do recommend you discuss with us which ones you are planning on using. Modifications to a pre-certified module could also mean additional testing requirements.

For More Information about PTCRB Certification