TCB-ISED Canada RSP-100 Issue 12 is published

RSP-100 — Certification of Radio Apparatus and Broadcasting Equipment
Issue 12, August 2019

The updated document states:

This document will be in force upon publication on Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s (ISED) website.

The following are the main changes:

1. Removed the following information or requirements, as they are included in RSS-Gen, General Requirements for Compliance of Radio Apparatus: • developmental licence • labelling • listing equipment in ISED’s Radio equipment list • definitions of equipment categories • radiocommunication antenna systems

2. Clarified that for handheld host devices, host certification (not modular certification) is required, unless conditions for exemption are met (section 8.2).

3. Modified that the product marketing name (PMN) is required at the time of certification and added information on temporary non-disclosure of the PMN (section 9).

4. Added certification requirements for stand-alone certified modules incorporated into a handheld or wearable host product (section 10.1).

5. Added the requirement that a statement of compliance to the latest issue of the applicable standard(s) be provided with certification services applications for new products or product modifications when new testing to verify compliance is not needed (section 11).

6. Added non-RF modifications to Class I permissive changes (C1PC) (section 11.1).

7. Clarified that for a new multiple listing service application from an existing certification, the new hardware version identification number (HVIN) must be different than the one from the existing certification under the same applicant (section 11.5.1 b).

8. Replaced the Unique Product Number (UPN) and ISED Company Number under Product Information with an ISED Certification Number (forms A, B and D).

9. Added the requirement that the lowest gain for each type of receiving antenna be submitted for modular approval (form D). ii

10. Updated the definition section and ISED contact information.

11. Restructured and reformatted the document.



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